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Kenya Karatu PB Limited Edition

Kenya Karatu PB Limited Edition

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It's been a year already! So we decided to offer a truly exceptional, different and worthy coffee for the occasion.

In the coffee industry, Kenya has an incredible reputation. They are renowned for their complex fruit qualities as well as their sweetness and bright acidity.

When we first tried the new range of micro-lots from John Burton (our importer), it was so hard to come to a decision as to which coffee would come to be in our line-up. But we are proud and excited to have chosen this one.

Brewing recommendation: V60, Plunger, Filter. Can be used in an espresso machine but definitely shines better through softer brewing methods.

As for all our Single Origins, we are roasting in very small batch to ensure the quality and freshness of the coffee. As such, there might be an extra day or two of wait after placing an order.

In the cup:

Aroma: Vanilla, Honey, Sweet Plum Dessert

Flavors: Juicy acidity at the front, Black Cherry, Dark Caramel notes and a long Mulled Wine Aftertaste


Kenya Karatu PB - Micro Lot - Karatu Coffee Factory

Located in the Kiambu County near Gatundu Town, the factory is affiliated to the GITWE Farmer Co-Op Society Ltd, focusing on land management and paying farmers high returns for their work to help them investing in greener ways of processing coffee cherries.

After harvesting, the cherries are de-pulped, seeds are left in a water tank to ferment to break down the remaining flesh and then washed. They are finally left on elevated patios to dry in the sun. The water used in the process in left in pits for treatment then re-circulated.


Cupping Score: 83.5 (Very Good)

Grade: PB (Peaberry - 1 seed only per fruit)

Altitude: 1850 ASML

Process: Washed

Roast type: Medium Light

Strength: Medium

Body: Milky

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