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Ipanema Estate Brazil RFA

Ipanema Estate Brazil RFA

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Usually, when we decide to showcase a Single Origin we tend to roast lighter to focus on all the wee fruity notes we like so much.

This is not the case here.

Our Brazilian coffee has been part of our blends since we first started and we always knew we could bring it to the other end of "our" roasting spectrum.

Very sweet like a ripe pear, with deep chocolate and nutty tones and a velvety full milk body, it is a crowd pleaser!

Brewing Methods: Ideal in  an Aeropress and Espresso, works well with V60, plunger.

As for all our Single Origins, we are roasting in very small batch to ensure the quality and freshness of the coffee. As such, there might be an extra day or two of wait after placing an order.

In the cup:

Aroma: Dark chocolate, spices and roasted almonds

Flavors: Milk chocolate, roasted nuts, ripe pear


Brazil Ipanema Gourmet RFA - Ipanema Estate

Ipanema Coffees have been producing high quality beans since 1969, providing a range of specialty coffees to over 20 countries worldwide. They have become one of the most recognized Brazilian coffee producing companies with over 5,500 hectares dedicated to coffee and around 14 million coffee trees in total.


Cupping Score: 82 (Very Good)

Grade: NA

Altitude: 1850 ASML

Process: Honey/Pulped Natural

Roast type: Medium Dark (far end of it!)

Strength: Full

Body: Full Milk


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