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Mexico Yaxcoffee FTO

Mexico Yaxcoffee FTO

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Coffee doesn't need to be complicated to be of quality.

Straight forward, our Mexican coffee has a pleasant sweet chocolate and caramel aroma while offering flavors of cocoa nibs, and brown sugar with a hint a dry graham crackers and a light lime pith acidity. The aftertaste is long lasting and reminiscing of dark chocolate.

Compared to other Single Origins we have showcased so far, our Mexican coffee is far simpler to approach. And that is perfect just that way!

Traceability (because it counts):

Mexico `Yaxcoffee FTO - Certified Coffee - Yax Coffee Cooperative 

Yax Coffee is an organization of coffee producers founded in 2011. Today the Yax Coffee cooperative has 1144 members, farming a total of 1800 hectares. Each farmer is depulping by hand to limit environmental impact and let the coffee beans dry on patios either at home or near their farms. Most of the producers are from the Tzeltales and Choles and are strongly connected to the Mayan culture, customs and traditions.


Cupping Score: 80.75 (Very Good)

Altitude: 1100-1500m ASL

Process: Washed and Sun-dried

Roast type: Medium Light/City

Strength: Medium

Body: Long finish, Trim Milk-like body

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