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The World Atlas of Coffee by J Hoffmann

The World Atlas of Coffee by J Hoffmann

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Coffee is such a fantastic world full of science, history and craftsmanship. Picking up an interest in it is like going down a rabbit hole: the more you dig, the more interesting it gets.

Long before we started operating, it was important to us to set our basics right. That's when we first heard of James Hoffman, world champion barista, and one of his books: The World Atlas of Coffee.

Covering every aspects of where coffee is grown, from the harvest to the cup of Joe in front of you as well as giving you brewing tips, it has it all (with really cool pictures as well!)!

We just love this book, read it time and time again and we are thrilled to be able to share it with you.

You can also add a 250g pack of our fresh coffee of your choice for an extra $10!

Go on, treat yourself to a better cup of coffee and a good read!

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