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Winter Blend

Winter Blend

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Our Winter Blend has a remarkable hazelnut aroma with hints of dark chocolate and blackberry. Crafted with Brazilian beans from  the Ipanema Estate, the blend has a rich, velvety body. It is versatile, smooth and represent what we think a good coffee should be.

We have chosen 3 Arabica coffees, all selected for a specific purpose. The beans are roasted separately and then blended together to ensure optimum flavours.

Just a pleasure to drink anytime of the year!

Traceability (because it counts):

42.5% Brasil Ipanema Gourmet - RFA Certified - Ipanema Estate

42.5% Mexico Yaxcoffee - FTO Certified - Co-op Yaxcoffee

15% Kenya Karatu PB - Micro Lot - Karatu Coffee Factory


Roast type: Medium/City+

Strength: Medium

Body: Thick/Milky

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